Finanstilsynet Økokrim

Continuation of freezing of assets in accordance with the Norwegian Criminal Procedures Act section 202d, regarding Abdul Sanchez Hammer, born October 20th 1991



Decision :

"All assets belonging to Abdul Sanchez Hammer (aka Torleif Angel Sanchez Hammer), born October 20th 1991, including current and future bank accounts in national and international financial institutions shall be made unavailable to Abdul Sanchez Hammer. This decision applies until otherwise is determined by the Police Security Service or the court, but not beyond May 20 2015. 

The decision does not apply to assets that are necessary for the subsistence of Abdul Sanchez Hammer, or family in his care."

Financial institutions who discover or freeze assets are asked to swiftly contact the Police Security Service. Freezing of assets helps seize assets as well as providing important information on the whereabouts of Hammer.

Oslo District Court, April 10 2015